I have a friend who’s likes Dollfie dreams she’s going to be purchasing 2 danny choo smart doll robotic versions…… She’s worried that people won’t accept them as dollfie dreams, what should I tell her seeing that these dolls are $900 dollars a piece I told her to enjoy her dolls and not give a sh*t…. We were at a meet and some snobby owner said “I personally see them as fake bills dolls with cellphones stuck inside” Though that bitch had 23 dolls -__-

Image by BJDConfessions

Why being worried! being in this hobby should makes YOU happy, not to satisfy others! „„ Danny Choo himself doesn’t want Mirai to be known as Dollfie Dream, he’s working hard to introduce a new line to the hobby which is the Smart Doll. There are no harm in mixing names anyways, but get what you want and screw others, i personally want the manual version of Mirai at the moment and might get the robo one just to test it out :D 

What dollfie dream doll you dream of owning?

Asked by Anonymous

If you asked me this question a year ago, i’d say DD Sasara
But i have her now :D